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Here you can find packages and other tools we are working on, this page uses those packages to process and display XRPL data.
All packages are open source and available on our GitHub page.

XRPL NFT Transaction Mutation Parser

Parses NFT XRPL Transaction (NFTokenMint, NFTokenBurn, NFTokenAcceptOffer, NFTokenCancelOffer, NFTokenCreateOffer) with account context and returns affected NFT, direction that NFT was transferred, minted or destroyed, and outputs roles referencing account has in specific transaction.

With this parser you can find out what has happened with referencing account after transaction was executed. For example when token is minted - parser will output token ID and direction IN, this means referenced account was minter and new token is added to reference account ownership.

XRPL Transaction Mutation Parser

Parse XRPL transaction to context aware object for visual representation.

It takes a XRPL transaction (outcome, meta) and an XRPL account. The XRPL account is the context from which the XPRL transaction is to be interpreted.

The account can be the sender, recipient, or an intermediate account. An intermediate account applies if e.g. there's a trade happening, touching your own offer asynchronously. You put up an offer and at some point down the road it gets (possibly partially) consumed. Alternatively, you can be an Intermediate account if you are a regular key signer or if something is rippling through your account.

XRPL Orderbook Reader

This repository takes XRPL Orderbook (book_offers) datasets and requested volume to exchange and calculates the effective exchange rates based on the requested and available liquidity.

Optionally certain checks can be specified (eg. book_offers on the other side of the book) to warn for limited (percentage) liquidity on the requested side, and possibly other side of the order book.